How is freeze drying different than dehydrating?

Dehydrating is done at a very high temperature and takes a long time. Not only does the product shrink in size, but loses nutrients. 

Freeze drying happens within hours of being picked and happens quickly. Freeze drying not only locks in the nutritional value but the flavor, size and color. Because they stay the same size, it makes it nice when adding freeze dried food to a recipe. Freeze drying removes more water than dehydrating giving the food a longer shelf life. Most Thrive  products last 25 years unopened, and average 1 year after being opened. They even have a place for you to write when you opened it. . 

On top of all the basics Thrive has sauces and Express Meals. The shelf life of the express meals and sauces are 10 years so they are great for me since I am a quick meals cook.