Most for the Host

Consider having a party!

The THRIVE LIFE Most for the Host Promotion is ON!
Qualifying hosts get to choose ANY 1 item up to a $500 and get it for 50% off the retail!!
You could get a Sun Oven for $ 164.99 (retail price is $329.99)
sun oven
Or a volcano Stove for $83.90 (retail price is $167.80)
Or a Kitchen Mill Wheat Grinder for $149 (retail is $299)
If you’re interested in starting your own Thrive Life business,
you can do that for just $159 with this promotion!

Call me and we can schedule a show. 
All shows have to be scheduled and completed by July 31st!
Don’t waste time thinking about it! You know you want some Thrive Shows can be during the day with friends, in the evening with couples, at a church, school, or any other group who gets together.
Share a show with a friend and share the benefits!
45 minutes of your time will give you a HUGE reward!