Freeze Dried foods

Healthy foods that taste deliciously fresh

THRIVE products make it easy for you to feed your family healthy, fresh-tasting foods. Each product is organized into one of six recognized and trusted categories to make it easy for you to maintain a well-balanced diet. Most THRIVE foods contain no additives or preservatives, so you can feel confident that when you eat THRIVE, you are guiding your family to a healthy and happy life. Read More...

I have had a couple friends say
"Oh I thought your were drying your own food,
I didn't realize you were buying/selling already freeze dried foods."

Yep take a look online at

Saving Time

  • Convenience
    THRIVE is convenient for daily meals: no defrosting, browning, chopping, cleaning, or messy raw eggs or meat. It’s easy to re-hydrate and use in recipes.
  • Ready-Made Meals
    THRIVE Express is a quick and easy option for entrees, soups, and sides.
  • Pantry Cans
    Pantry cans provide added convenience with pop-top lids and a smaller size that fits easily in cupboards and Cansolidators.
  • Less Wasted Time
    THRIVE eliminates time-wasting grocery store visits; everything you need is already in your Home Store. The Q will even send your foods to your doorstep in monthly shipments.

  • Less Wasted Food
    Valuable money is wasted on foods that spoil, mold, or get freezer burn before they can be eaten.
  • Longer Shelf Life
    Most THRIVE foods have a shelf life of 25 years when sealed and 1 to 2 years after opening, so it won’t go bad before you can eat it. You’re also saving money by only paying for the usable parts of the food that you actually eat—no stems, peels, etc.
  • First In, First Out
    FRS units rotate canned foods so the first cans you store are the first you eat, saving money on cans that otherwise expire before you can eat them.
  • Fewer Impulse Purchases
    Explain how you save money by cutting out impulse buys and gas expenses from grocery trips, and by eating out less because you can make quick, healthy meals with THRIVE.

The Q

  • Online Grocery Shopping
    The Q acts as a personal online grocery store; it helps you build your Home Store on your own budget with customized monthly shipments.
  • Easy to Use
    Choose the foods and recipes you use the most, select a monthly budget, and choose a shipment date.
  • No Extra Cost
    Reallocate part of your current food budget to THRIVE, and save money by reducing waste, grocery trips, and restaurant expenses.
  • Best Prices Always
    The Q guarantees you the lowest prices on THRIVE foods, FRS, and emergency supplies.
  • No Lengthy Commitment
    The Q has a 3-month commitment at your chosen budget, and after that you can stay on it as long as you want!
  • You'll Love It!