Why would I become a consultant vs. simply being a Q customer if I have no intention of working the business?

           I asked this question myself and thanks to Holly for writing this easy explanation fall 2013.

·         You can just eat your kit!  You get loads of products in your consultant kit at a super bargain. 
So just eat your kit.

·         Your friends and family will think you’re the best!  Simply distribute the business literature to friends and family who might also be interested in THRIVE.
Should they decide to order,  you can place the order for them and save them money.
And you’ll earn some spending money and some free stuff while you’re at it! Cool!

·         You get the Q club automatically and FREE--no $100 minimum! 
That saves you $79.99 and a yearly renewal fee right there.

·         Get paid to do your shopping !  As a consultant, you earn free and half off products all the time!
Plus you get paid too! 
So shop for gifts from yourself! Earn money from your Christmas list!

·         There are no monthly sales minimums that you will feel pressured to meet.  As long as your Q is active and you’re getting at least $50 worth of product
you’ll be a consultant in good standing. 

·         Peace of mind.  If you’re looking to build some emergency supplies
and a home store for your family, becoming a consultant will put
you on the fast track toward that goal. 
And who doesn't like checking off goals?

I have personally experienced these benefits!   This is all part of a Thriving Life and I’d love to share it with you!    I’ll be happy to answer any further questions you may have about this wonderful opportunity.  Why not get started today? As a Q customer you’re already halfway there!

by Holly M. Cooley
Independent Consultant with Thrive Life
Silver Executive