Cyber Monday Sale

Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

I consider being prepared and self-reliant important because it brings peace of mind.  I would guess that you might feel the same.  Well, why don’t you give that gift of peace of mind to your friends and family this Christmas?
Right now, THRIVE Life has more e-prep products deeply discounted than they ever have.  Their current sale includes two full 72 hour kits (a 2-person and a 4-person), an automobile emergency kit and a school emergency kit.  Each of these kits could make a great gift for someone you know! 
Some products, such as my favorite hand wheat grinder, a perfect for your 72 hour kit tent, and a great little quickfire stove are discounted as much as 50% off.  There are so many little treasures as part of this great sale!

Remember, both of these sales will end tonight 12/2/2013   at 11:59 pm MDT!

How To Purchase:

I’ve highlighted some of the discounted products in the flyer below.  Find and purchase all the discounted products right here: Black Friday Quick Pick Page under “Emergency.”


As a bonus, every single THRIVE food product is still on sale for it’s lowest price of the year (as part of the Black Friday weekend sale).  What brings more peace of mind than a little extra, high quality food stored away?  Choose a pre-made (and discounted) package or put together your own custom package for a loved one with all the individual food on sale for incredible prices right now!  You can quickly find all the THRIVE foods on that same quick pick page!

Remember, both of these sales will end tonight at 11:59 pm MDT!