Vegetable Snack Mix.... can I get my veggies in today?

So I just got in a few things I have not tried yet:
Zucchini (fd)
Cauliflower (fd)
Red Bell Pepper (fd)
Mushrooms (fd)

and I discovered that even if I am not a fan of these fresh, I do like them dry.
Well except the mushrooms. They are OK cooked but fresh or dry :( not for me.

so I was wanting a salty snack, and wondered if the veggies would make a snack mix. My Friends Lynn & Val had something similar that was in a small chip bag at a show in Houston that we were at last year.

Here is my take on it.

 here is the recipe to print

THRIVE Broccoli (FD) 
THRIVE Cauliflower (FD)
THRIVE Zucchini (FD)
THRIVE Red Bell Peppers (FD)
THRIVE Green Peas (FD)
THRIVE Sweet Corn (FD)
THRIVE Asparagus (FD)
Coconut Oil
Southwest Fajita seasoning