freeze-drying what the heck is it....

from fellow consultant Samantha K.
"I just wanted to pass along something my husband taught me. He is a biochemist and does scientific research with proteins and DNA. In his lab, they use the freeze-drying method in situations where they want to preserve a protein or DNA, knowing later they can "bring it back to life" by bringing it back to a normal temp again. Likewise, in their same lab, if they want to destroy proteins or DNA, they use heat and essentially dehydrate it. Interesting, right?

Something else he taught me is the benefit of flash freezing over a normal, slow freezing process. In the normal freezing process, the water, on a cellular level, realigns its structure to a crystalline structure when it turns into ice. Doing so, causes the cells to break their shape as the water expands. That's why frozen fruit gets mushy when you defrost it- it doesn't have any cellular structure. YUCK! But in the flash freezing process, it happens so fast the water doesn't have a chance to realign itself so, for the most part, the shape is retained. Awesome!"

I just thought it was interesting so I had to share it.