Breakfast at the airport

This last weekend I was off to work for Best Scrapbook Organizers
at the Scrapbook Expo in  Pleasanton, CA

Now I am traveling with my Meal in a Jar  Meal in a Packet!
Meals made at home meals is so much better for me, less temptation is all around!
I make up my meals and save them in a food saver pouch. Easy to pack and tote.
To cook them I use a flame-less cooker so I can have a hot meal anywhere.

This Starbucks breakfast would be $9.61

Whats for breakfast?
Scrambled eggs with bacon, peppers & cheese.
Recipe: Thrive Life unless noted *other
Scrambled egg mix with Red Peppers FD, Green Peppers FD, Chopped Onion FD, Cheddar Cheese FD and Real Bacon bits *Hormel

$2.20 food & foodsaver bag
$1.00 for heat pack
(I used my Host 1/2 price to get the FD food and dozen heat packs)

Remember to pack:
- water measure my favorite is from the Container Store. It is a iSi Basics 2oz measure.
    It is small flexible and easy to stow in the cooker when not in use.
-Spork or good quality spoon/fork. I only had a cheap disposable spoon once and to flexed and got soft when I ate my hot lunch! I made it but decided to invest in a good travel spork.
- Water bottle empty to fill from a water fountain after you go past security.
- Napkins, several places in airport have these if you forget.
- I also take a silicone hot pad to put under cooker as it cooks.

- add less water than you think, its easy to add more if needed.
- Do Not put hot used heat pack in trash can is it is hot!
    Let it completely cool before to dispose of it.